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Medical Call Answering

Our answering service plans provide exceptional services that make running a medical or dental practice easier and more affordable. We answer your calls, take messages, and make your patients a top priority. Read below to learn more about our medical and dental office call answering services.

answer anytime 365 answering service

Medical & Dental Virtual Secretary

Answer Anytime Answering Service  365 operators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year so you don’t have to be. It never fails, emergencies usually don’t happen during regular scheduled business hours. So, when something come ups suddenly, your patients need to know your medical or dental office can provide around-the-clock concern and support. The worry of health related emergencies can be stressful, so knowing your office is always available to take their call will provide peace of mind for your patients. Our calls and systems are safe and secure – all patient information is kept confidential! We are a HIPPA compliant answering service! With 24/7/365 live operator availability, call dispatching and confirmations, we can keep your patients feeling connected and valued anytime, anywhere. And you never have to miss another patient call!

Answering Service for Medical Services

Our Live Operators are compassionate and professionally trained in providing call answering services to the medical and dental industries. We partner with your doctors office to help your patients feel valued and cared for every time they contact your office. Patients know that they won’t always be able to speak with their doctor right away. However, with a call answering service, they can know that their concerns are being heard. Plus, with 24/7/365 call dispatching, you won’t ever miss an emergency or follow-up call again. Give your patients the peace of mind you both deserve with a quality answering service plan.

Clinics & Offices

More and more callers find themselves repeatedly sent to messaging systems or they get lost in a labyrinth of automated menus. In turn, they simply do not feel as valued as patients who are able to speak with a real person that expresses genuine concern for their health and appointment. With an answering service, your patients feel heard every single time they call your office. This also means the same caller won’t be leaving multiple voice messages for you to sift through later – saving you time and money!

answer anytime 365 answering service
answer anytime 365 answering service

Funeral Home Answering Services

As a funeral home director, every interaction you have with a client is important and will be a part of how they remember laying their loved one to rest. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into arranging the funeral itself, and we know how vital compassion and quality customer service skills are during this time of bereavement. Whatever your services, be they casket services, bereavement counseling, or memorial services, we can handle these difficult calls and make this time as comfortable as possible for your families.

Home/Hospice Care Answering Services

Realizing that a loved one needs hospice care is a stressful and difficult time for a family. They may have questions and concerns that need to be met in a timely manner with competency and compassion. An automated service with vague menu options that ultimately ends with a voicemail prompt is that last thing a family needs during their time of grieving. At Answering Anytime Answering Service  365 we are able to deliver the compassionate, professional, and personal attention they need and expect from their hospice service provider. From frequently asked questions to call patching for more complicated questions we are here for you, your patients, and their families during those difficult times.
answer anytime 365 answering service
answer anytime 365 answering service

24/7 Customer Support

Our goal is to help your medical or dental practice prosper and grow by letting you focus your full attention to what you do best, while we focus on what we do best “Answering Calls”! Give us a call today to get started or sign up on any of our plan pages to get more information about our medical answering services.

Call Answering Service Areas

Answer Anytime Answering Service  365 is powered by professional, live receptionists. We are the proud answering service to growing and established businesses across the nation. We seamless integrate our services into any industry – from mom & pop shops, home-based businesses,  and small business to major corporations. Our goal is to help your business grow by letting you focus your full attention on what you do best, while we focus on what we do best: “Answering Calls”! Find your service area and impress your customers with our exceptional virtual receptionists and phone support  – 24/7/365.

Our Call Answering Plans

It is easy to seamlessly integrate call answering services with your current business flow. We can answer basic calls about the services you provide, your hours of operation, and your location – so your staff can focus on running your business. This minimizes interruptions and increases productivity. With Answering Anytime Answering Service  365, your customers can get the feel of a local, in-house receptionist – but with the costs of a reliable, nationally acclaimed virtual office.

Basic Package

This answering service plan provides the perfect combination of features for small businesses, startups and home-based companies. It helps to improve communication methods with your customers while letting you focus on growing your business.

Virtual Office

This answering service plan features customizable options that help already established businesses or companies handle their in-bound calls - reducing the need for multiple in-house receptionists, and thus creating a lower overhead cost for their office.

Executive Office

This answering service plan is suited to larger companies and corporations with an expected higher call volume. The customizable features of this plan will allow your large company to provide the personalized customer service expected of smaller companies.

Order Entry

Our Order Entry Services feature a number of key benefits that will help your retail business successfully manage in-bound sales calls! We keep the calls professional and time efficient, keeping costs low and customer satisfaction high.

answer anytime 365 answering service

Why Choose Answer Anytime 365?

Your callers deserve to have the personalized attention of a live answering service. With professional, live receptionists answering your ringing phones, you will never miss another call from a customer. No matter what your call answering needs, we have a plan for you in the location you need.

With over 40 years of call answering service experience, we take great pride in our dedicated and professionally trained bilingual receptionists – live operators 24/7/365 guaranteed! NO CONTRACTS, and no hidden fees, and no by the minute billing! No Surprises, only the best in professional call answering services in the industry! We care about you and your customers’ needs, so we work to earn your trust and business each month! We are ready to take your calls!