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Answering Service Plans

Answer Anytime Answering Service  365 helps companies communicate with their customers and offers 24/7/365 customer support by answering overflow calls and after-hours calls. Unlock the full potential of your business by ending your inbound call worries once and for all.

answer anytime 365 answering service

Basic Package

$ 69
  • 300 Calls
  • $.50 per call after 300 calls
  • No Hidden Fees
  • *Receive only callers name, phone# and nature of call
  • *No Customizations

virtual office

$ 99
  • 100 Calls
  • $0.50 per call after 100 Calls
  • Custom Call Scripting
  • Bilingual Operators
  • Local & 1-800 numbers
  • E-mail & Text Confirmations
  • & More Customizations

Executive office

$ 125
  • 200 Calls
  • $0.50 per call after 200 Calls
  • Bilingual Operators
  • Custom Call Scripting
  • E-mail & Text Confirmations
  • Local & 1-800 Numbers
  • & More Customizations

Order Entry

$ 9
  • $9.95 Initial Order
  • Sales call up to 5 minutes
  • Addt'l $0.99 on calls over 5 mins
  • Custom Call Scripting
  • E-mail & Text Confirmations
  • Local & 1-800 Numbers
  • & More Customizations

Why do you need call answering services?

It is easy to seamlessly integrate call answering services with your current business flow. We can answer basic calls about the services you provide, your hours of operation, and your location – so your staff can focus on running your business. This minimizes interruptions and increases productivity. With Answer Anytime Answering Service  365, your customers can get the feel of a local, in-house receptionist – but with the costs of a reliable, nationally acclaimed virtual office.

365 Customer Service

When it comes to the benefits of hiring an answering service, the research doesn’t lie. Customer retention relies heavily upon whether your phones answered and how calls are handled.Customers are more likely to remain loyal to your business when they feel valued and heard. Making sure their calls never go unanswered is a great way to do that. Plus, our receptionists are professionally trained and always friendly! Whether you’re in a meeting or your office is closed, you can rest easy knowing your customers are being taken care of.

answer anytime 365 answering service
answer anytime 365 answering service

Live Answering Service

In the day of instant gratification, customers seemingly require around the clock care. Therefore, businesses must adjust their support accordingly. But with the costly overhead for running an office and the staffing needed to meet those demands, going virtual just makes more sense! It saves time, money, and finite resources (i.e. office supplies) making it the smarter and greener option!

Answering Service Industries

Answer Anytime Answering Service  365 is powered by professional, live receptionists. We are the proud answering service to growing and established businesses across the nation. We seamless integrate our services into any industry – from mom & pop shops, home-based businesses,  and small business to major corporations. Our goal is to help your business grow by letting you focus your full attention on what you do best, while we focus on what we do best: “Answering Calls”! Find your industry and impress your customers with our exceptional virtual receptionists and phone support  – 24/7/365.

Hiring an Answering Service can save you time & money.

Here are a few of the ways we are saving businesses like your money with our call answering services. We’ve done the research and present you with the facts – and the fact is that hiring an answering service is the smarter, more budget friendly alternative to steep overhead costs and multiple in-house receptionists.

Goodbye Walls, Hello World!

The overhead cost of a small, modest office is no small expense. Now, include employee salaries and office supply expenses, and your small business suddenly has a steep outward flow of cash. Using our 24/7 call answering services, you can say goodbye to office space overhead and hello to the world of virtual assistants, where your customers come first.

In-House Receptionists

A business can expect to pay the salary of at least two receptionists - with one that is busy answering a never-ending influx of calls and another to handle in-office business duties. Answer Anytime Answering Service  365, can eliminate that need by having a virtual secretary handle your calls. Your single receptionist is then free to perform other duties, maximizing productivity.

Reliability & Customer Loyalty

With Answer Anytime Answering Service  365, your customers can get the feel of a local, in-house receptionist – but with the costs of a reliable, nationally acclaimed virtual office. You can pay less for more support and better customer service than ever before. We can even meet the high demand needs of larger, established businesses in any industry or service area.

Save $ with Virtual Employees

There’s no doubt that running a business can be expensive. With salaries, rent, utilities, benefits, taxes, and training, a small business can look at spending hundreds of dollars a day. This can add up quickly over the course of a business' lifetime. Answer Anytime Answering Service  365 can help you minimize your daily expense with a virtual office – at about $5 a day.

answer anytime 365 answering service

Why Choose Answer Anytime 365?

Your callers deserve to have the personalized attention of a live answering service. With professional, live receptionists answering your ringing phones, you will never miss another call from a customer. No matter what your call answering needs, we have a plan for you in the location you need.

With over 40 years of call answering service experience, we take great pride in our dedicated and professionally trained bilingual receptionists – live operators 24/7/365 guaranteed! NO CONTRACTS, and no hidden fees, and no by the minute billing! No Surprises, only the best in professional call answering services in the industry! We care about you and your customers’ needs, so we work to earn your trust and business each month! We are ready to take your calls!