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Does Your Industry Need an Answering Service?

Answering Services help companies communicate with their customers and offer 24/7/365 customer support by answering overflow calls and after-hours calls. You can unlock the full potential of your business by ending your inbound call worries once and for all. Here are a few of the industries that might benefit from a call answering service:

Realtors and Property Managers

Real Estate sales and urgent concerns usually happen during regular scheduled business hours. However, when something does come up, your customers need to know your real estate office can provide real estate support when they need it. Purchasing or selling property can be stressful, so knowing your office is always available to take their call will provide peace of mind for your clients. An answering service is on call 24/7 so you don’t have to be!

Small Businesses

Customers seeking business information or sales calls will usually contact your business during regular scheduled business hours. However, when something does come up, your customers need to know your business can provide around-the-clock customer care. When something goes wrong with a sale or they need your services immediately, knowing your practice is always available to take their call will provide peace of mind for your customers.

HVAC Service Providers

Companies like HVAC and security monitoring companies need to be there for their customers 24/7, which means someone needs to be there to answer the phones when you turn out the lights for the day.  So, whether it’s 3 in the morning or 6 in the evening, there is always a friendly and professional receptionist ready to speak with your customers and let them know that they are important to your business.

Medical and Dental Clinics

It never fails, emergencies usually don’t happen during regular scheduled business hours. So, when something come ups suddenly, your patients need to know your medical or dental office can provide around-the-clock concern and support. The worry of health-related emergencies can be stressful, so knowing your office is always available to take their call will provide peace of mind for your patients. Calls and systems should be safe and secure, and all patient information kept confidential! Make sure your answering service is a HIPPA compliant answering service!

Hospice Care

Realizing that a loved one needs hospice care is a stressful and difficult time for a family. They may have questions and concerns that need to be met in a timely manner with competency and compassion. An automated service with vague menu options that ultimately ends with a voicemail prompt is that last thing a family needs during their time of grieving. From frequently asked questions to call patching for more complicated questions an answering service is there for you, your patients, and their families during those difficult times.

Funeral Homes

As a funeral home director, every interaction you have with a client is important and will be a part of how they remember laying their loved one to rest. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into arranging the funeral itself, and an answering service knows how vital compassion and quality customer service skills are during this time of bereavement. Whatever your services, be they casket services, bereavement counseling, or memorial services, a live receptionist can handle these difficult calls and make this time as comfortable as possible for your families.


There are hundreds of other industries that can benefit from call answering services. If you have in-bound calls and deal with customers or clients daily, then a virtual receptionist could help you cut overhead costs and manage your in-office time more effectively. With a 24/7/365 live operator availability, call dispatching and confirmations, an answering service can keep your customers, patients, and clients feeling connected and valued anytime, anywhere. And you never have to miss another call!

The Key Benefits of Hiring an HVAC Answering Service

The Key Benefits of Hiring an HVAC Answering Service

An HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) provider keeps people’s homes and places of work comfortable year around – and always at a moment notice. HVAC issues can happen at any time, which means that HVAC providers must be available around-the-clock to meet their customers heating and cooling needs. The most ideal and cost-effective way to do that would be hiring an answering service to handle in-bound calls. Here are few things to consider as an HVAC provider:

24/7 Availability

You may have regularly scheduled business hours, where you will provide quotes for new equipment and installs and schedule preventative maintenance. However, emergency situations often occur after-hours, meaning your customers rely on someone being there to take their call. Your customers expect to be able to explain their situation and needs to a real person – not an automated system or voicemail. Being available 24/7 builds your customers’ confidence in your ability to meet their needs as they arise.

Patching Capability

In certain situations, such as an emergency, the best option is to connect a caller directly with the on-call HVAC service provider. This saves time and money, avoids repeated call backs, and gives the technician a better understanding of their situation. Of course, not every call needs to be patched, but working with your answering service can help you can determine which calls need immediate attention and which calls can be scheduled.

Understanding the HVAC Industry

You can hire any answering service you want, but wouldn’t it be better to hire one that understands your industry? Find out what kind of experience they have answering calls for other HVAC companies, how are they meeting their unique needs? Do they know the right questions to ask and do they have a firm grasp on industry jargon?

Message Delivery Options

In the event that an on-call technician or their backup can’t be reached, it is important that your answering service is still able to get that message to someone. Without a message delivery option for your HVAC company, your customer will likely become frustrated waiting for their concerns to be received in the morning. By then they’ll likely have called your competitor. That’s why a quality answering service will have multiple contact options.

Appointment Scheduling

When a customer calls with an HVAC service need that does not require an immediate response – or when they are willing or able to wait until the next morning – an answering service can schedule these customers for you. Not only does this give your customers the satisfaction of knowing their needs will be met, but also saves your on-call technicians from heading out at midnight for a call that could have waited till morning.  

Property Management and Call Answering Services

Property Management and Call Answering Services

As a property manager you have tenants with varying needs, that don’t always happen during regular business hours. You are required to handle everything from showings, to maintenance calls, to hearing general tenant concerns, and more. On top of it all, you’re probably handing the phones, the billing, and the paperwork. An answering service can help streamline how you handle calls. There are measurable benefits you will see as a property manager with a call answering team at your side. Call answering services can be available 24/7, regardless of what you and your team may be dealing. Your team of live operators can:

Help you juggle tenant (and potential tenant) expectations in a timely and professional manner

While you are handling other pressing matters, we can be taking your next call… or the next five calls. A call answering service makes sure that your tenants never feel unheard. They are able to answer your calls in a way that you decide and provide information regarding showings, upcoming inspections, and more.

Serve as the first responders to address maintenance issues

An answering service can provide support to tenants whether they are dealing with emergency maintenance issues like no heat, no air conditioning, or a water leak – or schedule routine maintenance like broken light fixture, a cracked window, or a nonworking electrical outlet. Having an answering service that is always available to help regardless of when they call sends a strong signal to tenants that you care.  We promise to always give the appropriate level of attention to maintenance issues.

Generate revenue while you’re not working or away from the office, by helping to turn prospects into tenants

Your answering service team can go beyond scheduling maintenance and providing basic information to callers. They can also go above and beyond by helping you have the information you need to close a sale or secure a lease. We can schedule showings based on your provided availability and preferences, and we can cancel showings for potential tenants that are no longer interested. Both things save you time and energy, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.  

Grow your Business with Call Answering

Grow your Business with Call Answering

Are you considering hiring an answering service but still on the fence? Consider the advantages of 24/7 availability, improving customer service, and enhancing customer communication. Beyond that, did you know an answering service can actually help you GROW your business?

Here are three ways that a phone answering service can help your business grow:

24/7 Lead Capturing

When you miss a call, what do you think happens? You’re probably thinking that caller will leave a voicemail, you’ll call them back, and make the sale, right? Wrong. Most callers will simply hang up, and they may or may not call back. Statistics show that callers would rather hang up and call your competitor than leave a voicemail (and wait around hoping someone calls them back. That means you have just lost a potential lead.

Instead tap the services of a professional phone answering service. Let them handle your calls around-the-clock. It will mean that calls never go unanswered – helping you to capture those leads sooner – meaning more sales and an increased bottom line.

Friendly and Professional Voice

Hiring an answering service to handle your inbound calls means that a prospective customer’s first impression of your business will be with a friendly and professional voice. Having that positive interaction can lead to a higher percentage of lead conversions, and customers are more likely to recommend a business that they feel cares about their customers.

The personal touch of a live operator really can make a difference when you are looking to grow your business. With Answer Anytime, we have call answering packages that can fit any business size, and you can upgrade as your business grows.

Gather Essential Information

A call answering service should get basic information from your callers such as a name, phone number, and a short message. But the best answering services allow you to customize the information you need – which means your operator can get the information you need to move a prospective customer forward in your sales funnel. What this information is essential will vary based on your specific industry, but regardless your operator can help make sure that you have what you need when you move on the lead.


When you hire a professional phone answering service to handle your calls for you when you can’t, you’ve added an essential resource to your sales and marketing department. We can’t overstate the benefits of hiring an answering service.

While it is up to you to make that final sale, having the support of an answering service means you can capture more leads and respond quick – which will hopefully prevent your prospects from seeking other options.

Are Your Missed Calls Costing Someone Their Dream Home?

Are Your Missed Calls Costing Someone Their Dream Home?

A successful real estate business relies heavily on effective communication, predominately via telephone, to move clients towards making an offer on a home. Throughout the course of a day realtors can receive calls from clients inquiring about properties, other realtors calling to strike a deal, and inspectors and property appraisers calling to book appointments. A realtor’s phone may never stop ringing – and a realtor may not always be able to take that call right away.

Here’s where things get interesting. Statistics have shown that 80% of callers would rather hang up than leave a voicemail – meaning you may never know who called or why. As a realtor, if you can’t handle your incoming call loads, it might be time to consider outsourcing your calls to real estate answering service.

What does a real estate answering service do?

A real estate answering service is in charge of managing inbound business communications for not only realtors but also real estate attorneys, property managers, inspectors, and more. A virtual real receptionist takes calls on your behalf, gathers information from your callers, and helps answering frequently asked questions. Additional tasks that help lighten your load can include:

Give your real estate answering service your schedule, and they can help you book appointments for showings, new listings, open houses, inspections, and more.

  • Answer frequently asked questions about available listings, hours, open houses, etc.
  • Dispatch calls to your cell or to the on-call realtor.
  • Passing on information about a possible lead.
  • Providing call support after-hours, weekends, and holidays!

How does a real estate answering service work?

A virtual receptionist for your real estate business may not be in your office, they are able to seamlessly transition your callers between the answering service and you. Your callers will have no idea they’ve reached someone remotely. When you are unable to answer a call, your calls will no longer go to voicemail. Instead, a trained professional will receive that call, gather and provide necessary information, and dispatch calls to you.

Why do you need a real estate answering service?

Remember, when I said that 80% of callers don’t leave voicemails? Well, a majority of those callers also won’t call you back if they don’t reach you on the first try. Instead, they will call your competitors. This can majorly affect your bottom line, even if you are only missing a single call every month. Not only that but when you have a trained virtual receptionist taking your real estate calls you are providing your customers with the thing they desire most:

Provide Quality Customer Service with a Virtual Receptionist

Buying or selling a home is a huge investment of time, money, and is a very emotionally time. This is an exciting process, but it is also stressful and scary. So providing them with the reassurance that their realtor can be reached when they need you most is of utmost importance. And when they can’t reach you directly, having a real person to express their concerns and questions makes all the difference and shows that you truly care.

Real estate moves quickly, from one moment to the next an offer can be made, rejected or accepted, prices can go up and down, and that dream house can go from on the market to pending in the time it takes to get a call back from their realtor. It is so important that a real estate agent is available to take client calls when they are ready to tour a property or make an offer immediately.

Don’t let a missed call be the reason your client misses the chance to own their dream home.

Evaluating Your Call Answering Service

Evaluating Your Call Answering Service

As a business owner, you know that keeping your customers happy is a 24/7 job – and when you need to step away from the office or possibly get some well deserve R&R you need to be reassured that your customers will be taken care of. We want to make it easy for you to assess how our operators are doing, so you can request changes to your call flow, greetings, etc. whenever you feel necessary. We take our call answering seriously, and we know that you take your business seriously. Combined, that means our operators are professionally trained to provide the utmost quality in customer care. At Answer Anytime 365 we don’t lock you into a monthly contract, meaning we work to earn and keep your business every month. Here are some ways you can evaluate how we’re doing that:

  1. Were our operators friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful? An answering service operator may be the first exposure a customer has to your business, so this first impression should be positive and getting the information they need must be effortless.
  2. Did our operator get the facts right: such as the proper pronunciation of your business name, correct business hours, accurate location or directions to your place of business, etc. This is all information that you can provide our operators ahead of time so that we can answer these very frequently asked questions.
  3. Was our operator knowledgeable about your business – i.e. were they able to answer those basic questions about what services you provide, who to contact about specific concerns, etc. If it doesn’t seem like our operator knows enough to answer these questions, you can let us know! Then we can be better prepared with a list frequently asked questions and answers that you provide.
  4. How well did the script flow during your test call? Did the call feel natural and genuine – or did it feel cold and rehearsed? Are questions clear and to the point – or are there places during the script that seem to be muddled and confusing? Making sure that your operators have a script path that covers the main reasons people contact your business can help avoid confusion or asking of unnecessary questions. Let us know how we can improve our services and we can work with you to develop of quality script for our operators and your business.
  5. Did our operators follow directions? We want to make sure that we are always providing the best service and getting your callers needs met accurately and efficiently. Let us know ahead of time when you will need calls transferred to on-call personnel – especially if your business hands urgent matters. We want to make sure that we have gathered all the important information you will need to assist a customer before transferring a call – and you can help us know what you need.

Our Answering Services works with your business, seamlessly integrating into your company. When a caller reaches our operators, we want them to feel as though they have reached someone within your business directly. If we aren’t hitting that mark, let us know! We want to make sure that our customers remain just as happy and satisfied as you want your customers to be.

How to Avoid these Terrifying Call Answering Mishaps!

How to Avoid these Terrifying Call Answering Mishaps!

Halloween is in full swing today, but there is nothing scarier than a customer service call gone wrong! Having a call answering service can put your mind at ease, but it’s important to make sure that your operators are equipped with the right information about your business – doing so can help both parties avoid these terrifying mistakes! We’ve compiled 5 of the scariest possible mishaps an operator can make, how they can resolve the mishap, and of course how to avoid them all together!

Butchering the On-Call Forwarding

If your company requires an answering service to handle on-call communications, that likely means those calls are urgent, important, or both! Your operator needs to make sure that these calls are dispatched to the proper staff members – otherwise the call may go to the wrong person… or worse reach no one at all – the horror! For businesses like HVAC companies, medical practices, and law firms missing these after-hours calls could be detrimental to both your business and your patients or clients.

How to Avoid it: Your callers are relying on your promise to provide after hours support via an on-call number. Make sure to keep your answering service operators receive updated information in advanced – such as an on-call schedule with important names and numbers. This will help to avoid confusion and ensure that your callers are directed to the right person at the right time, every time.

#2. Knowing Nothing About You (AH!)

Not all of your calls will require someone from your office or an on-call staff member to take the call direction. But- imagine this: a potential customer calls into your office with a question – and the first person they reach is your operator – who isn’t able to answer a basic question regarding the hours of operation. This doesn’t appear professional, and it will leave the caller confused and frustrated. A caller needs to feel confident in your business from the moment someone answers to call to the second that calls ends.

How to avoid it: Make sure to provide your answering service with a list of frequently asked questions and answers. This will ensure that your operator is familiar with your business and able to answer basic questions. You can include information about services provide, important names and numbers, hours of operation and location information, and any other general information about your business. The more prepared your operator is to handle these types of calls, the more likely the customers are to move towards a final sale or book an appointment.

#3. A Killer Greeting (and not in a good way)

Your greeting is a long and elaborate tongue twister, where you’re trying to get in as much information up front to your caller that you can – which is fine but: this can also lead to a jumbled mess of words that the caller doesn’t actually hear or care to listen to – they just want to ask their question!

How to avoid it: Keep greetings short and to the point – don’t try to bombard your caller the second your operator answers the phone. The first impression you want to make is that the person answering your customers’ calls is not only professional but actually cares about the caller.

#4. Using a Deadly Rude Tone

Nothing will kill a call faster than answering the phone with an edge of irritation or frustration in your voice. While operators are people, and they are subject to having plain ol’ bad days, this attitude should never come through over the phone. Operators should be trained to handle all types of calls, even ones with the most trying customers, with professionalism and grace. Rudeness should not be tolerated under any circumstance – or else you run the risk of killing more than just a call, you can end up with poor reviews, a diminished reputation, and lost customers.

How to avoid it: Make sure that your answering service has an internal quality assurance monitoring system – and that their operators and trained to handle calls professionally. For example, Answer Anytime 365 guarantees that every single call is handled by fully trained operators in a manner that is professional and friendly! When we answer your calls, we smile – and your customers can hear it!

#5. The Dreaded Hangman (Hold, please.)

In the answering service industry, there may be no avoiding brief periods of hold times for various reasons. However, there is a certain amount of time that callers should be left hanging on the line and it certainly shouldn’t be an on-going problem. If your customers are on being put on hold every single time, they call into your answering service, it may be time to evaluate your customers call experience. Long hold times and being unable to quickly reach someone via phone can cause customers to feel like they’ve been left hanging – and that’s just not a very good feeling!

How to Avoid it: Knowing peak calling hours and seasons (something all call answering services should do – just like Answer Anytime 365), means that they can staff operators accordingly. That will minimize the need to use hold-times. While it may be impossible to avoid the dreaded “Please, hold” 24/7/365, your answering service can make sure to set reasonable standards for the time a customer is left hanging before someone handles their call.

Make sure that you take an active roll in your call answering service and your customer calls. This can help to equip your operators with everything they need to know about your business and callers. It also holds them accountable to quality of calls and standard of customer service – like here at Answer Anytime 365 we do not require contracts because we know that our quality services and professional operators will earn your business each and every month. Wish your callers a Spooktacular Halloween, without the horror of these top 5 call answering mishaps!  

5 ways to Boost Employee Morale

Ready for a staggering statistic, that is probably truer than you want it to be? Forbes released an article with mind-boggling numbers – pointing out that “seventy percent of your employees hate their jobs.” Sounds a bit extreme, but with ever present financial pressures and increased career stressors, we have a working population that is riddled with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. With the changing seasons and the holidays right around the corner, these stressors are only on the rise – making employees increasingly resentful of their daily grind.

Want to be part of the solution? Here are some fun ways to boost employee morale and create a fun work environment.

Team building exercises

Encouraging your employees to participate in peer-to-peer bonding exercises can help to facilitate a more cooperative working environment – and is shown to reduce conflict! These don’t have to be done in boring conference rooms, get creative! Start a team bowling league or softball team, sign up for warrior dash or team marathons, host a trivia or game board night. You can even have extra fun coming up with prizes for winning teams for a bit of healthy competition.

Anticipate Snack Needs

Creating a comfortable and clean employee lounge is extremely important, as it gives your workers a place to escape the demands of their day for a moment. Use plush seating areas and soft lighting. Keep it stocked with favorite snacks and coffee or tea options, which reduces the financial stress of having to purchase pricey cups of coffee every morning. If you do nothing else, having this on-site break room can make a significant difference in your staffs’ overall health and morale.

Celebrate Your Employees

Finding reasons (or for no reason at all) to celebrate your employees helps to increase drive and motivation – when employees feel appreciated, they will work hard and go further. It’s also another great excuse to get together as a team in creative ways: Taco Tuesdays, employee appreciation breakfasts once a month, impromptu catered lunches, and the list can go on and on. The more fun you have, the more fun your employees will have!

Allow Open Idea Sharing

The easiest and most efficient way to know what you can do to increase employee morale is to just ask your employees themselves! Create a work environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their concerns or ideas for improving different areas of their job. Perhaps they have some ideas on how to streamline the paperwork process, or maybe they want to host their own team building night, or they want to discuss the possibility of working with another team on a new project. Giving them this platform helps them to feel in control of their work environment and like that are an integral part of the company’s success.

Reduce Unnecessary Stressors

Reducing unnecessary stressors can not only increase employee morale because, well, they have one less thing to stress about but because it shows an effort on their employers’ part to understand their needs and take action to improve their work environment. Your receptionist likely has a lot of things going on at once, and is responsible for balancing schedules, calls, filing, and other office duties. Hiring an answering service can help reduce the stress of putting of important tasks to attend to never ending phone calls.

No matter what kind of business you are running or how many employees you have, you can do your part to make sure that your employees look forward to coming to work each day. Be the kind of boss that celebrates their employees and makes sure they feel valued and never pass over an opportunity to connect with your staff. Don’t think you have the time? Overwhelmed by never ending calls? Give us a ring and we can help you get back to doing what you love, so your employees can love what they do.

B2B Solicitation Calls Driving you Crazy?

B2B Solicitation Calls Driving you Crazy?

As a business owner, you are going to face the inevitable reality of solicitation calls on your business line. These calls typically come through in one of two ways: 1) as live operator telemarketing calls, or 2) as Automated Recordings. When you receive a call from a live operator, you have a real person attempting to solicit business from you. White an Automated Recording telemarketing call is exactly what it sounds like, calls with automated prerecorded messages. These two calls have one thing in common: the use of autodialer technology which allows these businesses to call hundreds of numbers consecutively. While this is hugely beneficial to the business making the out-bound calls, it means that business owners receive regular and persistence solicitation calls. While there is virtually no way to eliminate in-bound solicitation calls, we have some tips and tricks to dramatically reduce them!  

Know your rights as a Consumer

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

In 1991 congress passed an act stating that businesses are not allowed to call or text your home or cell phone without prior consent. Doing so puts them in direct violation of Federal Communication Commission regulations.

National Do No Call Registry

The first thing you will want to do to protect your rights as a consumer is register all your personal numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry. This will help to stop the never ending madness, at least on your home and cellphone lines.  


Of course, there are exceptions to the FCC regulations, which allow automated recordings and live operators to contact you – such as emergency alerts, political polls, charities, and debt collectors. These entities are still legally allowed to contact you using autodialer technology.

What about my rights as a Business Owner?

As a business owner, you are well within your rights to list your business line on the National Do Not Call Registry. Unfortunately, these regulations become tricky because there is not an explicitly stated provision for business to business solicitation calls. Meaning “Business A” is perfectly within their rights to contact “Business B” in an attempt to solicit sales.

So now what?

While operators are trained to end calls with pre-recorded messages, hanging up on a live operator is unfortunately not the best or most professional course of action. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to reduce solicitation calls:

First things First

Your answering service can help you identify numbers from solicitors, and you can ask your phone provider to block these numbers from ever being able to come through on your line. Unfortunately, this can become time consuming and Tedious as many of these businesses have multiple numbers they call from. Which brings us to our next point:

Use your Answering Service to your Advantage

Include a scripted path for your live operator written specifically for inbound B2B solicitation. Once your operators realizes the call is an attempt to solicit sales, they can read a standard response and close out the call: “We do not accept solicitation calls on this line, please remove this number from your list. Thank you.”

Additionally, you can add a screening question to your script as part of your standard greeting, “Are you a current client”, or “Is this an emergency?”. This will help your operator quickly identify calls that do not need to be dispatched.

Are you having problems with incessant in-bound solicitation? Give us a call and we can help you implement an answering service plan that includes scripts and measures aimed at reducing these calls.

Millennial Customer Support Tips

 This generation was raised with technology and social media – and the instant gratification of the world wide web. Which means that your audience is easier to reach than ever – but increasingly difficult to please.

The target audience of most businesses today likely includes millennials, who communicate in an entirely different way than previous generations. This generation was raised with technology and social media – and the instant gratification of the world wide web. Which means that your audience is easier to reach than ever – but increasingly difficult to please. Here are a few ways to boost your customer service game to meet the needs and expectations of the millennial demographic (which averages 75.3 million people):

Get with the Times

Social Media:

Social media is an ever-growing, ever-evolving machine – and millennials are using it more than any other generational group. That means social media needs to be a part of your business marketing and customer service action plan. Over 50% of your target audience will use social media to let you know what your business is doing right – and how your business can improve. If you aren’t using social media to manage your customer service, then you’re missing out on a chance to engage your customers where they’re most comfortable. Here are a few ways to stay relevant on social media:

Multiple Social Media Channels: Make sure your business has listings on the most prominent social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your pages feature your current logo for optimal brand recognition.

Post Regularly: Frequently posts to your social media pages shows that your business is engaged and ready to communicate. It lets them know you take an active interest in your customers. Don’t have time to maintain an active presence? Outsource your social media to someone who does!

Updated Contact Information: Be sure all of your contact information is up-to-date! If your customer has to do extra work to find the right phone number for your business, they will likely take their business elsewhere. They’ll ask: if you can’t get your phone number right, what else might you not be getting right? Answer Anytime 365 answering service plans provide local and 1-800 numbers for this reason!

The Human Touch

Live Call Answering:

Despite millennial comfort with handling communications over social media or navigating self-service troubleshooting documents, nothing can replicate the experience of a human touch when it comes to more complex inquiries. Humans are humans, are we still prefer to have personalized interactions when it comes to customer support. Here are a few ways to make call answering work for your millennial callers (who require 24/7 care!):

Hire a Virtual Receptionist: Don’t have time to personally handle every call? Outsource your inbound call answering – Answer Anytime 365 can take your customers calls anytime, anywhere. Meaning millennials will have the instant gratification of having their questions and concerns immediately heard by a real, live representative.

Don’t Let Calls Go to Voicemail: A virtual receptionist means that your business will be able to provide around the clock customer support. Sure, you could let those after-hours calls go to voicemail, but most callers will not leave a message. And by the time you call them back they have likely moved on to another company that was able to meet their needs right away. Answer Anytime 365 can act as an extension to your business by screening calls, dispatching urgent messages, scheduling appointments, and more.

Equip Your Virtual Receptionist: Almost nothing is more frustrating to millennial than having their call handled by someone who is unable to answer their question, or unable to put them in contact with someone who can. Providing poor on-call customer support is the surest way to lose the business of a millennial. Answer Anytime 365 provides a professional, honest, solution-oriented approach to your customer service calls. You can equip our live operators with the answers to frequently asked questions, and we can dispatch calls directly to you for urgent or more complex inquiries.  

Give it to Me Now


With the entire world available at the touch of a button (or tap of a screen), your target audience doesn’t have to wait for much when it comes to getting the information they desire. Make sure that you are providing multiple channels for customer support. In addition to social media and stellar customer call support, be sure that you have a well-designed, intuitive website that is up to date with current contact information, store hours, services details, etc.  Here’s how to make sure your customer service experience meets the expectations of a millennial client:

Multiple points of contact: Having multiple ways for a customer to contact your business means that they don’t have to go searching for a way to reach someone. Provide linked phone numbers and email addresses on your website, along with direct links to all your social media business listings.

Speed: This is relevant for all callers, regardless of age, but is particularly important for a millennial caller whose customer service expectations are greatly influenced by the instant gratification of their technology-heavy upbringing. Avoid keeping callers on long hold periods – as they are likely to jump ship quicker than other callers. Also, establish a time frame within your company (and stick with it!) that a customer can expect to hear back from you.

In short, your millennial caller wants what most people want: quality customer care, with genuine, live agents, and timely solutions. Give them what they’re asking for, you’ll be glad you did!