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The Key Benefits of Hiring an HVAC Answering Service

An HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) provider keeps people’s homes and places of work comfortable year around – and always at a moment notice. HVAC issues can happen at any time, which means that HVAC providers must be available around-the-clock to meet their customers heating and cooling needs. The most ideal and cost-effective way to do that would be hiring an answering service to handle in-bound calls. Here are few things to consider as an HVAC provider:

24/7 Availability

You may have regularly scheduled business hours, where you will provide quotes for new equipment and installs and schedule preventative maintenance. However, emergency situations often occur after-hours, meaning your customers rely on someone being there to take their call. Your customers expect to be able to explain their situation and needs to a real person – not an automated system or voicemail. Being available 24/7 builds your customers’ confidence in your ability to meet their needs as they arise.

Patching Capability

In certain situations, such as an emergency, the best option is to connect a caller directly with the on-call HVAC service provider. This saves time and money, avoids repeated call backs, and gives the technician a better understanding of their situation. Of course, not every call needs to be patched, but working with your answering service can help you can determine which calls need immediate attention and which calls can be scheduled.

Understanding the HVAC Industry

You can hire any answering service you want, but wouldn’t it be better to hire one that understands your industry? Find out what kind of experience they have answering calls for other HVAC companies, how are they meeting their unique needs? Do they know the right questions to ask and do they have a firm grasp on industry jargon?

Message Delivery Options

In the event that an on-call technician or their backup can’t be reached, it is important that your answering service is still able to get that message to someone. Without a message delivery option for your HVAC company, your customer will likely become frustrated waiting for their concerns to be received in the morning. By then they’ll likely have called your competitor. That’s why a quality answering service will have multiple contact options.

Appointment Scheduling

When a customer calls with an HVAC service need that does not require an immediate response – or when they are willing or able to wait until the next morning – an answering service can schedule these customers for you. Not only does this give your customers the satisfaction of knowing their needs will be met, but also saves your on-call technicians from heading out at midnight for a call that could have waited till morning.  

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