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Are you considering hiring an answering service but still on the fence? Consider the advantages of 24/7 availability, improving customer service, and enhancing customer communication. Beyond that, did you know an answering service can actually help you GROW your business?

Here are three ways that a phone answering service can help your business grow:

24/7 Lead Capturing

When you miss a call, what do you think happens? You’re probably thinking that caller will leave a voicemail, you’ll call them back, and make the sale, right? Wrong. Most callers will simply hang up, and they may or may not call back. Statistics show that callers would rather hang up and call your competitor than leave a voicemail (and wait around hoping someone calls them back. That means you have just lost a potential lead.

Instead tap the services of a professional phone answering service. Let them handle your calls around-the-clock. It will mean that calls never go unanswered – helping you to capture those leads sooner – meaning more sales and an increased bottom line.

Friendly and Professional Voice

Hiring an answering service to handle your inbound calls means that a prospective customer’s first impression of your business will be with a friendly and professional voice. Having that positive interaction can lead to a higher percentage of lead conversions, and customers are more likely to recommend a business that they feel cares about their customers.

The personal touch of a live operator really can make a difference when you are looking to grow your business. With Answer Anytime, we have call answering packages that can fit any business size, and you can upgrade as your business grows.

Gather Essential Information

A call answering service should get basic information from your callers such as a name, phone number, and a short message. But the best answering services allow you to customize the information you need – which means your operator can get the information you need to move a prospective customer forward in your sales funnel. What this information is essential will vary based on your specific industry, but regardless your operator can help make sure that you have what you need when you move on the lead.


When you hire a professional phone answering service to handle your calls for you when you can’t, you’ve added an essential resource to your sales and marketing department. We can’t overstate the benefits of hiring an answering service.

While it is up to you to make that final sale, having the support of an answering service means you can capture more leads and respond quick – which will hopefully prevent your prospects from seeking other options.

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