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Are Your Missed Calls Costing Someone Their Dream Home?

A successful real estate business relies heavily on effective communication, predominately via telephone, to move clients towards making an offer on a home. Throughout the course of a day realtors can receive calls from clients inquiring about properties, other realtors calling to strike a deal, and inspectors and property appraisers calling to book appointments. A realtor’s phone may never stop ringing – and a realtor may not always be able to take that call right away.

Here’s where things get interesting. Statistics have shown that 80% of callers would rather hang up than leave a voicemail – meaning you may never know who called or why. As a realtor, if you can’t handle your incoming call loads, it might be time to consider outsourcing your calls to real estate answering service.

What does a real estate answering service do?

A real estate answering service is in charge of managing inbound business communications for not only realtors but also real estate attorneys, property managers, inspectors, and more. A virtual real receptionist takes calls on your behalf, gathers information from your callers, and helps answering frequently asked questions. Additional tasks that help lighten your load can include:

Give your real estate answering service your schedule, and they can help you book appointments for showings, new listings, open houses, inspections, and more.

  • Answer frequently asked questions about available listings, hours, open houses, etc.
  • Dispatch calls to your cell or to the on-call realtor.
  • Passing on information about a possible lead.
  • Providing call support after-hours, weekends, and holidays!

How does a real estate answering service work?

A virtual receptionist for your real estate business may not be in your office, they are able to seamlessly transition your callers between the answering service and you. Your callers will have no idea they’ve reached someone remotely. When you are unable to answer a call, your calls will no longer go to voicemail. Instead, a trained professional will receive that call, gather and provide necessary information, and dispatch calls to you.

Why do you need a real estate answering service?

Remember, when I said that 80% of callers don’t leave voicemails? Well, a majority of those callers also won’t call you back if they don’t reach you on the first try. Instead, they will call your competitors. This can majorly affect your bottom line, even if you are only missing a single call every month. Not only that but when you have a trained virtual receptionist taking your real estate calls you are providing your customers with the thing they desire most:

Provide Quality Customer Service with a Virtual Receptionist

Buying or selling a home is a huge investment of time, money, and is a very emotionally time. This is an exciting process, but it is also stressful and scary. So providing them with the reassurance that their realtor can be reached when they need you most is of utmost importance. And when they can’t reach you directly, having a real person to express their concerns and questions makes all the difference and shows that you truly care.

Real estate moves quickly, from one moment to the next an offer can be made, rejected or accepted, prices can go up and down, and that dream house can go from on the market to pending in the time it takes to get a call back from their realtor. It is so important that a real estate agent is available to take client calls when they are ready to tour a property or make an offer immediately.

Don’t let a missed call be the reason your client misses the chance to own their dream home.

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