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How to Avoid these Terrifying Call Answering Mishaps!

Halloween is in full swing today, but there is nothing scarier than a customer service call gone wrong! Having a call answering service can put your mind at ease, but it’s important to make sure that your operators are equipped with the right information about your business – doing so can help both parties avoid these terrifying mistakes! We’ve compiled 5 of the scariest possible mishaps an operator can make, how they can resolve the mishap, and of course how to avoid them all together!

Butchering the On-Call Forwarding

If your company requires an answering service to handle on-call communications, that likely means those calls are urgent, important, or both! Your operator needs to make sure that these calls are dispatched to the proper staff members – otherwise the call may go to the wrong person… or worse reach no one at all – the horror! For businesses like HVAC companies, medical practices, and law firms missing these after-hours calls could be detrimental to both your business and your patients or clients.

How to Avoid it: Your callers are relying on your promise to provide after hours support via an on-call number. Make sure to keep your answering service operators receive updated information in advanced – such as an on-call schedule with important names and numbers. This will help to avoid confusion and ensure that your callers are directed to the right person at the right time, every time.

#2. Knowing Nothing About You (AH!)

Not all of your calls will require someone from your office or an on-call staff member to take the call direction. But- imagine this: a potential customer calls into your office with a question – and the first person they reach is your operator – who isn’t able to answer a basic question regarding the hours of operation. This doesn’t appear professional, and it will leave the caller confused and frustrated. A caller needs to feel confident in your business from the moment someone answers to call to the second that calls ends.

How to avoid it: Make sure to provide your answering service with a list of frequently asked questions and answers. This will ensure that your operator is familiar with your business and able to answer basic questions. You can include information about services provide, important names and numbers, hours of operation and location information, and any other general information about your business. The more prepared your operator is to handle these types of calls, the more likely the customers are to move towards a final sale or book an appointment.

#3. A Killer Greeting (and not in a good way)

Your greeting is a long and elaborate tongue twister, where you’re trying to get in as much information up front to your caller that you can – which is fine but: this can also lead to a jumbled mess of words that the caller doesn’t actually hear or care to listen to – they just want to ask their question!

How to avoid it: Keep greetings short and to the point – don’t try to bombard your caller the second your operator answers the phone. The first impression you want to make is that the person answering your customers’ calls is not only professional but actually cares about the caller.

#4. Using a Deadly Rude Tone

Nothing will kill a call faster than answering the phone with an edge of irritation or frustration in your voice. While operators are people, and they are subject to having plain ol’ bad days, this attitude should never come through over the phone. Operators should be trained to handle all types of calls, even ones with the most trying customers, with professionalism and grace. Rudeness should not be tolerated under any circumstance – or else you run the risk of killing more than just a call, you can end up with poor reviews, a diminished reputation, and lost customers.

How to avoid it: Make sure that your answering service has an internal quality assurance monitoring system – and that their operators and trained to handle calls professionally. For example, Answer Anytime 365 guarantees that every single call is handled by fully trained operators in a manner that is professional and friendly! When we answer your calls, we smile – and your customers can hear it!

#5. The Dreaded Hangman (Hold, please.)

In the answering service industry, there may be no avoiding brief periods of hold times for various reasons. However, there is a certain amount of time that callers should be left hanging on the line and it certainly shouldn’t be an on-going problem. If your customers are on being put on hold every single time, they call into your answering service, it may be time to evaluate your customers call experience. Long hold times and being unable to quickly reach someone via phone can cause customers to feel like they’ve been left hanging – and that’s just not a very good feeling!

How to Avoid it: Knowing peak calling hours and seasons (something all call answering services should do – just like Answer Anytime 365), means that they can staff operators accordingly. That will minimize the need to use hold-times. While it may be impossible to avoid the dreaded “Please, hold” 24/7/365, your answering service can make sure to set reasonable standards for the time a customer is left hanging before someone handles their call.

Make sure that you take an active roll in your call answering service and your customer calls. This can help to equip your operators with everything they need to know about your business and callers. It also holds them accountable to quality of calls and standard of customer service – like here at Answer Anytime 365 we do not require contracts because we know that our quality services and professional operators will earn your business each and every month. Wish your callers a Spooktacular Halloween, without the horror of these top 5 call answering mishaps!  

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