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If you’ve ever tried to reach a business yourself but never completed a successful call then you know that things simply can and will happen. Even the most diligent business owner can become swamped with an overflow of calls or fall victim to circumstances outside of their control. Here are five reasons why a business might not be able to answer their calls:

1. Impeccable Timing

Have you ever picked up your phone, only for it to immediately begin ringing? Perhaps the very person you were about to call is calling you instead. Perhaps, it is someone else entirely. The fact of the matter is, outbound and inbound calls can also happen nearly simultaneously. Meaning, someone’s call isn’t getting through. You may never even know you missed that call!

Pro Tip: With a call answering service, the mysteries of the universe will never leave a call hanging in the cosmos – it will get directed to a professional operator that is waiting to take your overflow calls!

2. Busy, Busy, Busy

Perhaps you are simply TOO busy to actually answer the phone. The fax machine is on the fritz, that proposal was due two hours ago, you’re babysitter is calling your cell phone, and a customer just walked in – cue a phone call that just might not get answered. It happens to the best of businesses, and it happens to business owners that take pride in their ability to provide top notch customer service. Sometimes though, it’s okay to ask for help.

3. One is the Loneliest Number

So, you have one poor, poor receptionist – and it’s the holidays so everyone and their grandmother’s dog is calling. Sometimes these calls require your receptionist\’s full attention, other times they are simply tying up the lines with questions that an answering service would be able to answer (hours, location, services, etc.). These overflow calls may end up in voicemail, and many callers don’t leave a message. Avoid this hassle by outsourcing an answering service that can handle those extra calls.

4. Hello? … Hello?

Sometimes power outages can take your direct phone lines down, leaving your customers without a way to reach you. This can happen for any number of reasons to include storms, maintenance, internet shortages – none of which are within your control. What is within your control is the ability to contact your answering service using your personal line and update the greeting your customers will receive when calling your toll-free line. When you can’t answer, your calls will be sent to and handled by a friendly operator.

5. No one is Home

Just because your doors are closed for the evening and you’ve gone home, doesn’t mean your customers won’t still need to reach someone. This is especially important for medical and legal offices. Make sure your customers know your business hours, and that they also know when and how to contact someone after hours. Reaching a live operator helps people feel heard, even if you can’t return their call until morning.

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