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We know it is hard to run a business and still be available to take calls around the clock. However, having a live person answering your phone makes all the difference in the world to customer perception and satisfaction. Let’s explore more about how voicemail and automated systems could be costing you big and how an answering service provides the solutions you need:

1. Tag, You’re It

Tag, you’re it! Ever get tired of playing phone tag with a customer in a never-ending cycle of missed calls and voicemails? Imagine how your customers must feel, being sent to voicemail when they have a need they consider urgent. With an answering service, your customers will have the relief of immediately speaking with someone about their concerns. We may not always be able to solve their problem, but we can provide reassurance that they’ve been heard.

2. Delayed Response Times

Voicemail is impersonal and does not provide any relief for an already frustrated customer. In the time it takes you to receive their message, get the necessary information, and call them back, their frustrations have likely festered and multiplied. Or worse, they’ve given up and moved on to another company. Having someone readily available to take calls gives them a personal connection and sends the message that customer satisfaction is a priority for your business.

3. Connect More, Waste Less Time

Voicemail systems take time and energy to work. You must set aside time to listen to each message in their entirety – yes, even the five-minute-long ones. You then must write down the information you need, return every call – and hope they answer. Of course, this assumes the caller has even left a message, as nearly 60% of callers will simply hang up upon reaching a voicemail system – meaning you could be losing out on sales or missing an opportunity to connect with a client.

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