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 This generation was raised with technology and social media – and the instant gratification of the world wide web. Which means that your audience is easier to reach than ever – but increasingly difficult to please.

The target audience of most businesses today likely includes millennials, who communicate in an entirely different way than previous generations. This generation was raised with technology and social media – and the instant gratification of the world wide web. Which means that your audience is easier to reach than ever – but increasingly difficult to please. Here are a few ways to boost your customer service game to meet the needs and expectations of the millennial demographic (which averages 75.3 million people):

Get with the Times

Social Media:

Social media is an ever-growing, ever-evolving machine – and millennials are using it more than any other generational group. That means social media needs to be a part of your business marketing and customer service action plan. Over 50% of your target audience will use social media to let you know what your business is doing right – and how your business can improve. If you aren’t using social media to manage your customer service, then you’re missing out on a chance to engage your customers where they’re most comfortable. Here are a few ways to stay relevant on social media:

Multiple Social Media Channels: Make sure your business has listings on the most prominent social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your pages feature your current logo for optimal brand recognition.

Post Regularly: Frequently posts to your social media pages shows that your business is engaged and ready to communicate. It lets them know you take an active interest in your customers. Don’t have time to maintain an active presence? Outsource your social media to someone who does!

Updated Contact Information: Be sure all of your contact information is up-to-date! If your customer has to do extra work to find the right phone number for your business, they will likely take their business elsewhere. They’ll ask: if you can’t get your phone number right, what else might you not be getting right? Answer Anytime 365 answering service plans provide local and 1-800 numbers for this reason!

The Human Touch

Live Call Answering:

Despite millennial comfort with handling communications over social media or navigating self-service troubleshooting documents, nothing can replicate the experience of a human touch when it comes to more complex inquiries. Humans are humans, are we still prefer to have personalized interactions when it comes to customer support. Here are a few ways to make call answering work for your millennial callers (who require 24/7 care!):

Hire a Virtual Receptionist: Don’t have time to personally handle every call? Outsource your inbound call answering – Answer Anytime 365 can take your customers calls anytime, anywhere. Meaning millennials will have the instant gratification of having their questions and concerns immediately heard by a real, live representative.

Don’t Let Calls Go to Voicemail: A virtual receptionist means that your business will be able to provide around the clock customer support. Sure, you could let those after-hours calls go to voicemail, but most callers will not leave a message. And by the time you call them back they have likely moved on to another company that was able to meet their needs right away. Answer Anytime 365 can act as an extension to your business by screening calls, dispatching urgent messages, scheduling appointments, and more.

Equip Your Virtual Receptionist: Almost nothing is more frustrating to millennial than having their call handled by someone who is unable to answer their question, or unable to put them in contact with someone who can. Providing poor on-call customer support is the surest way to lose the business of a millennial. Answer Anytime 365 provides a professional, honest, solution-oriented approach to your customer service calls. You can equip our live operators with the answers to frequently asked questions, and we can dispatch calls directly to you for urgent or more complex inquiries.  

Give it to Me Now


With the entire world available at the touch of a button (or tap of a screen), your target audience doesn’t have to wait for much when it comes to getting the information they desire. Make sure that you are providing multiple channels for customer support. In addition to social media and stellar customer call support, be sure that you have a well-designed, intuitive website that is up to date with current contact information, store hours, services details, etc.  Here’s how to make sure your customer service experience meets the expectations of a millennial client:

Multiple points of contact: Having multiple ways for a customer to contact your business means that they don’t have to go searching for a way to reach someone. Provide linked phone numbers and email addresses on your website, along with direct links to all your social media business listings.

Speed: This is relevant for all callers, regardless of age, but is particularly important for a millennial caller whose customer service expectations are greatly influenced by the instant gratification of their technology-heavy upbringing. Avoid keeping callers on long hold periods – as they are likely to jump ship quicker than other callers. Also, establish a time frame within your company (and stick with it!) that a customer can expect to hear back from you.

In short, your millennial caller wants what most people want: quality customer care, with genuine, live agents, and timely solutions. Give them what they’re asking for, you’ll be glad you did!

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