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The research doesn’t lie, customer retention relies heavily upon whether your phones answered and how calls are handled. Here's our industry expert insight.

Benefits of Answer Anytime 365

When it comes to the benefits of hiring an answering service, the research doesn’t lie. Customer retention relies heavily upon whether your phones answered and how calls are handled. You won’t get a message from most callers who are sent to voicemail – they might call back, but they also might not. If you aren’t answering your phone, the next option for most callers will be to call another company, most likely your competitor. Aside from customer retention, here are a few other benefits of an answering service:

1. Cost-Effective

The overhead cost of a small, modest office is no small expense. Now, include employee salaries and office supply expenses, and your small business suddenly has a steep outward flow of cash.  Utilizing an answering service helps you save money on in-house receptionists and after-hours staffing. We provide exceptional services for a fraction of the cost. And with Answer Anytime, there are no contracts, so you pay by the month!

2. Increased Productivity

It is easy to seamlessly integrate call answering services with your current business flow. We can answer basic calls about the services you provide, your hours of operation, and your location so your staff can focus on running your business. This minimizes interruptions and increases productivity. With Answer Anytime, your customers can get the feel of a local, in-house receptionist – but with the costs of a reliable, nationally acclaimed virtual office.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more likely to remain loyal to your business when they feel valued and heard. Making sure their calls never go unanswered is a great way to do that. Plus, our receptionists are professionally trained and always friendly! Your callers deserve to have the personalized attention of a live answering service, and with professional live receptionists answering those calls, you will never miss a call from a customer.

4. Never Miss a Call

Your phones are continuously covered by a live operator. So, you never have to worry about missing another call! Unlock the full potential of your business by ending your inbound call worries once and for all. Whether you’re in a meeting or your office is closed, you can rest easy knowing your customers are being taken care of.

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